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2019/12/08 感動!!(笑)
2019/12/05 ごみ戦争?(笑)
2019/12/04 進化するということ
2019/11/30 キリンになる
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2011/06/27(月) ”殺してやる”の続き(笑)
6. After a while, when boarding was almost over, a security agent finally came. She was an African American woman whose name was Ch... When she came to the gate, she did not even let me touch my own luggage. I overheard the gate agents saying “She came out of quota,” I am sure talking about me, but could not understand what they meant. Ch...told me to raise my arms and began searching me by touching my whole body, including sensitive areas. She told me to raise my blouse, so I exposed my bra. I was extremely frustrated as no explanation was made about this investigation, and also extremely humiliated because all of this was done in public at the gate. Ch... checked inside of my shoes, opened and left open all the small pockets in my purse. I asked her several times why I had to go through this, but instead of answering me directly, she threatened me by asking if I wanted to see her supervisor. Yes, I wanted to see her supervisor because I wanted to know the system and why I had to be treated like criminal.

7. While Ch...was investigating me, the agent who called first security called my name, “Day,” several times on the broadcast system, as boarding was over, and then she found out that it was me. I overheard the two agents saying “Don’t need to check on her.” Obviously, they discovered that they had made a mistake, but of course they neither explained it to me, nor did they apologize. Then the agent encouraged Ch...with timid smile to finish her investigation soon so that I could make the flight.

I am extremely uncomfortable about this whole situation. In 25 years of flying between the US and Japan, something this extreme and humiliating has never happened to me. I saw that the agent gave Ch...my information including an old boarding pass issued in Osaka, Japan. I am now afraid that my name might be listed on a governmental black list used by security at San Francisco or perhaps even all airports in the US, and I worry that every time I fly into the US, I will be treated this way.

I believe that I have the right to know what happened to me. I want to know what was wrong, what I did or did not do, so that I need not go through this experience again. I would appreciate a prompt investigation and reply with information about why I was treated this way. If I do not receive a prompt response, I will file a complaint with Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement

2011/06/26(日) 日本とアメリカの違い

As a loyal customer since 1986, I am writing to inquire about the humiliating, inconsistent, and unexplained treatment I received from gate personnel on a recent flight.

On June 22nd, 2011, I was returning from taking care of my sick mother in Kobe Japan, and flew from Osaka Kansai International Airport to San Francisco on flight 886. I could not get a seat on an earlier flight from San Francisco to Chicago, so I was a standby passenger on flight 769. It was at the departure gate for this flight that I received the unexplained and humiliating treatment.

I am writing this letter because I am puzzled about what happened and why. I want to understand why I had to go through such a humiliating experience, be treated like a criminal, and I beg you to advise me on how I can avoid having a similar experience in the future.

I will explain what happened to me that day and will appreciate your detailed explanation about why it happened.

1. I checked in at Kansai Intl. Airport, Osaka Japan for flight 886 and for flight 669 leaving San Francisco at 18:57 and arriving at Chicago at 01:02 on June 23. Since I wished to get home earlier than 1 AM, the agent at the counter in Japan advised me to go to the gate to standby for an earlier flight from San Francisco to Chicago.

2. After I arrived in San Francisco, I went to the domestic terminal and went through the security checkpoint for Premier members, the one right outside the international terminal.

3. First I went to gate 85 to be listed as a standby passenger for flight 445 leaving at12:04 for Chicago. A Caucasian female agent at the counter even did not give me a chance to be listed, saying “this flight is overbooked and we are asking people not to fly on this flight,” although I saw more than ten people cleared from the standby list and even more people were listed on the monitors as standby passengers.

4. I went to the Customer Service desk and agreed to pay $75 for the chance to stand by for one of the next earliest flights. I went back to gate 85 and saw immediately my name was listed on the standby list as No. 5, but I could not get a seat.

5. Then I went to gate 82 to stand by the next flight 769 for Chicago leaving 1:28. I saw that the standby list was transferred from gate 85 and my name was on it. Right after boarding started, around one o’clock, a Caucasian female agent, short and fat with brownish red hair, called my name and I went to the counter to get a boarding pass. Right after she printed out the boarding pass, she apparently found something amiss and asked a question to the agent next to her. This other agent was an Asian American woman whose name was A... A..asked me, “Where did you come from? From San Francisco?” I answered, “I came from Japan this morning” After they exchanged some words, the first agent called security. I asked A..why she called security. Her answer was ‘They did not do their job. So we have to do it here.” I could not understand what she meant, because I had already been through security checkpoints in Osaka and San Francisco. So I tried to ask the first agent again. Then the agent yelled at me, treating me like a small child, “I don’t argue with you. They take time. Be patient. Go and sit there,” pointing to a bench.

2011/06/25(土) アジサイ
スーパーで、青いアジサイを買ってきて、リビングに飾っている。母親が入院している病院の玄関先に咲いていたものだ。遠く離れて、一人病室に横たわり、毎日のほとんどを目をつぶって眠っているのだろう母を想う。朝起きると、やっとコーヒーを片手に、庭を歩き回れるようになった。今年はほとんど楽しむことがなかったライラックの枝をばっさばっさ切って、その隣に植えてあるアジサイを大きくしてやろうと考えている。そして、今年は、もっともっとアジサイを植えようと思っている。2011年の夏がずっとずっと私のそばにいて、私を元気づけてくれるように。初めて病院を訪ねたときは、桜が満開の季節だった。そして、3回目はアジサイー次回はどんな花が咲いているだろうか。自己流で短歌を作ってみた。「あじさいの 弱りし母の移ろいに けふ雨の目ににじむ 濃い青」テレビの短歌教室の選者になった気分で。。(笑)作者はですねえ、あじさいは毎日色が変わるわけです。その色の濃淡に、お母さんの容態の変化を見、またその変化に一喜一憂する作者の気持を重ねているわけです。そして、雨が降ると、アジサイは水に濡れて鮮やかな色になる、雨は作者の涙でもあるわけで、濃い色が、涙でかすんでよく見えない、というわけです」 母は、新聞に掲載されていた、郷隼人という人の短歌を切り取っていた。アメリカで殺人罪で刑務所に入っている人が、アメリカから詠んだ歌である。母は、その人の歌に、アメリカに生きる私の気持を想像していたのだろうか。私は、病院ではっきりと母に言った、一人暮らしをさせて申し訳なかった、でも私は、アメリカに行ってよかったと思ってるよ、私は今の私が大好きだから。長いあいだ一人でがんばってくれてありがとう。私を産んでくれて、ありがとう。私は、自分の人生が大好きだから、と。母は、はっきりと大きくうなづいてくれた。これ以上、何を望もう。私は、庭に、青いアジサイをいっぱい植えるぞ!!!

2011/06/24(金) 私も阪大生???(笑)

2011/06/23(木) あるちっちゃな死

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